How long is the rental period for?

The rental period is for 4 or 8 days for any chosen product.

What happens if I want the piece for longer?

The rental period is only for 4 or 8 days. If you want the piece for longer please contact us prior to proceeding with the check out process. You can contact us at

Can I travel with my piece

Absolutely! However, please keep in mind that the rental period of 4 or 8 days still applies. If you are traveling for longer than that time frame please contact us at prior to proceeding with the check out process.

What if I damage the piece?

Please refer to the Terms of Service quick link at the bottom of our page: or click here: TERMS OF SERVICE SECTION 2 for all the applicable questions relating to damage of a piece. For additional questions or concerns you can email us at:

What is your return policy if I change my mind or something doesn’t fit?

Returns are welcome. However, items MUST be shipped back within 24 hours of the arrival of the package, and item/s must be in the same condition as shipped. If item/s are found to be in a different condition than shipped, you will be charged with a restocking fee of the full original rental price of the item/s.

How old do I have to be to rent?

Rentals are for people ages 18 and older. However, an adult 18 years or older can rent something for a minor with the condition that the adult is liable for the rental. Orders should be placed under the responsible party’s home.

Helpful tip when renting:

Make sure you fill out your profile prior to renting to have the best chance of an adequate fit. Please feel free to inquire with us about any given piece at

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